"Istituto Comprensivo Bassi-Catalano" school includes: nursery school (age 3-5), primary school (6-10) and secondary school (age 10-14) for a total amount of about 1050 students and 100 teachers. http://www.eurofolklore-erasmusplus.eu

About 800 pupils attend the secondary school. There are 32 classes with about 23 pupils each. A lot of students follow an integrated curriculum with the study of a musical instrument: piano, flute, drums or guitar with Music teachers. Other students are involved in different extracurricular activities such as sports competitions (Football-volleyball-archery-fencing-sailing) and chess courses in order to improve their foreign language skills and abilities in Maths, Italian language (Drama- Journalism), Music and Arts and Craft. Read more ...

September 2015 - February 2016

LOGO COMPETITION One of the most motivating activity about the project was the Logo competition. All Art teachers explained the students how a logo could be made and the students used different drawings ...

MASCOT COMPETITION A lot of students took part to the competition. The erasmus commission had a meeting and chose the best one in the middle of January. The winner was a yellow bear drawn by Zaida Martinez ...

MOLINO EXCELSIOR Students visited the "Molino Excelsior" an Ethnographic museum used like a mill at the beginning of 20th century, where they had the opportunity to see many old tools used for work or as ...

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THE ARTIST TRAPANI In these days our students met a very clever artist of Trapani that creates very interesting handmade products in clay, plasticine and ceramic. She came to our school to explain to our students how to manipulate ...

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GUESS THE FOLK COSTUME In November the competition "Guess the folk costume" was organized in our school. Pupils prepared different pictures about folk costumes of all countries ...

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MUSEUM "TORRE DI LIGNY" On 21 st January the class 2 L visited the Museum "Torre di Ligny" where they attended a history lesson about the origin and development of our town Trapani. The lesson was held by dr. Ivana ...

FOLK CULTURE DICTIONARY On 4th February the students, working in group, translated from English to Italian 40 words for our folk culture dictionary. ...


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March 2016 - June 2016

Our students learnt two typical Sicilian songs : “Ciuri Ciuri” and “Vitti na crozza”.
They recorded them in a MP3 format with the help of Mrs. Vita Magaddino and Mr. Angelo Calvaruso, teachers of our school.

Ciuri Ciuri

Vitti 'na crozza

ANCIENT MUSICAL SICILIAN INSTRUMENTS Hello! Our names are Zaida and Andrea. We live in Trapani, Italy. Andrea is twelve and I'm thirteen. We are very interested in music: pop and rock music. My favourite singers are Fedez and Babik and Andrea's favourite singer is Justin Bieber; ...

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“CORO CITTA’ DI TRAPANI” The musical program is formed from Sicilian songs, dances and music, originated from collection of studios of the Sicilian traditional folk music, like: Alberto Favara, Leopoldo Mastrigli, Francesco Paolo Frontini, Gaetano Emanuele Calì and so on ...

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FILMATO QUADRIGLIA BASSA RISOLUZIONE At the end of May, our students of 2C in Fulgatore learnt and danced “The Quadriglia” a typical traditional Sicilian dance.            Videoclip

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September 2016 - January 2017

CALENDARS The students, of the 3rd classes of secondary school, were very happy to be involved in this activity. With the help of Art, Italian and English teachers they concentrated their attention: some, about festival in our country; and others, about foreign festivities. ...

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FOLK CUSTOMS In order to draw attention to the project we showed our and other countries folk costumes on the Erasmus board to the new pupils attending our school explaining them what the project is about, the countries involved and the aim of it.

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FORGOTTEN JOBS During the project Forgotten jobs, students learnt about craftsmen work in the past and how some jobs, like: tailor, embroiderer, shoe repairer, or fishing net repairer and craftsmen like coral working are disappearing. ...
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SICILIAN RECEPIS The students did some researches about typical Italian/Sicilian food recipes involving also their parents in finding the older and more popular folk recipes and illustrated them with very beautiful drawings, too. ...

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February 2017 - June 2017



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There are three different buildings where the classrooms of secondary school are located: two of them have a long tradition, they were set up in 50's and are in the historical centre of Trapani, a maritime urban environment, in the north - west side of Sicily; the third one is located in Fulgatore, a rural zone, about 15 km far from Trapani.

Because of the different locations, the pupils' origin background is very different and heterogeneous: some of them belong to medium-high social class, with a lot of cultural incitements and very collaborative parents; others to lower social classes with less stimulations. In order to overcome these differences our school promotes activities against the risk of early school leaving and supports the integration of ethnic minorities, students of different cultures, languages and races without forgetting pupils with special needs that, integrated inside the classes are helped by teachers with specific expertises to achieve their educational objectives. The main goal of our school is the promotion of the full development of pupils' personality, is educating them to "good feelings" to let them understand how to behave as honest and good citizens.

All the subjects in the curriculum,together with the reaching of main expertises, such as personal autonomy (learn to learn-planning life projects), the relationship with others (acquisition of collaboration, partecipation, personal autonomy and responsability) contribute to the success of the forming of pupils' personality.

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